Melt Pump

Pnh‘s Melt Pumps have a unique positive displacement design which provides consistent, accurate polymer delivery under varying extruder output conditions of pressure, temperature and viscosity. With Pnh providing the pressure between the extruder and the die, extruder parameters can be configured to provide a homogeneous melt at increased throughouts and tighter gauge tolerances.





For years, polymer processors have utilized gear-pump-assisted extrusion to solve critical issues in the diverse plastics industry.

The Pnh melt gear pump optimizes the extrusion process by allowing the screw to melt and homogenize the polymer. As the pump generates the needed pressure, it relieves the extruder of work; therefore, reducing heat from the shear, lowering the torque required, and eliminating surging. All this optimizes the performance of the extruder and offers the following benefits:

  • Improved Dimensional Stability – Melt Gear Pump effectively isolates the die from upstream fluctuations.
  • Controlled Melt Quality – Melt Gear Pump regulates the extruder back pressure while it reduces residence time, stabilizes the plasticating action, and lowers melt temperature.
  • Increased Production – Melt Gear Pump provides very high efficiency regardless of its pressure building requirement.
  • Reduced Raw Material Usage – Melt Gear Pump provides a narrower finished product gauge variation.
  • Eliminates Surging and Screw Beat – Melt Gear Pump effectively handles problems caused by melt density or extruder parameters.
  • Increased Extruder Flexibility – Melt Gear Pump allows varying process conditions such as higher regrind levels, temperatures, pressures, etc.
  • Streamlined Operation and Startup – Closed-loop controls provide easy operator interface.
  • Extended Extruder Life – Melt Gear Pump reduces work required by the extruder such as pressure and torque.
  • Lower Operational Costs – Melt Gear Pump provides a more efficient method of conveying, eliminating material giveaway, and increasing production per Kg of extrudate, etc.


Technical Data:

Operative Parameter of Melt Gear Pump
Viscosity to 30.000 Pas
Temperature to 350°C
Inlet Pressure to 120 bar
Outlet Pressure Max 350 bar
Diff. Pressure Max 250 bar


Technical Specifications of Melt Gear Pump
Housing &Cover  Alloy Steel
Gear Shafts Tool Steel (imported)
Bearing Tool Steel (imported)
Shaft Seals Visco Seal
Pump Heating Electric


Size of Melt Gear Pump     Spec. Capacity (cm.³/rev) Output Plastics in General (kg/hr) Heating (KW)
22/22 4.7 25 – 36 0.5
28/28 10.2 45 – 75 1.0
36/36 25.6 105 – 168 1.6
45/45 46.3 151 – 285 2.0
56/56 92.6 300 – 570 2.4
70/70 176 570 – 850 3.0



Pnh Melt Pumps are ideal for such processes as:
Film Fiber Boosting
Coextrusion Pelletizing
Coating Profile
Nonwoven Fibers Pipe Tubing
Sheet Blown Film


Examples of materials processed include:
PET Many others